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Rapid Tests

Immunodiagnostic procedures in the format of test device (K = cassette) or dipstick (S = dipstick). Tests are done using samples of swabs, urine or faecal solution.All kits are ready for use. No additional equipment necessary. Storage of all tests is at room temperature.

Antigen Detection

Reference Article / Description Number of Tests Format
DSCT20 Chlamydia Antigen (Best Choice) 20 K
STA020 Strep A (Streptococcus group A antigen) 20 S
STB020 Strep B (Streptococcus group B antigen) 20 S
SBK020 Strep B (Streptococcus group B antigen) 20 K
IFLU05 Influenza A/B 5 K
UPNG20 Neisseria gonorrhoe 20 K
UPBC10 Bladder Cancer Marker (BCM) 10 K
UPBS20 FOB (Fecal Occult Blood) 20 K
HAT10 Male urethral swabs (sterile) 10  

All kits are available with a long shelf life.

The Chlamydia antigen test (Best Choice - CE0123), the kits STA020, BCM, Neisseria, Influenza and FOB are products of ulti med Products (Deutschland) GmbH (D-22926 Ahrensburg).

The articles STB020 and SBK020 are products of DIAGNOSTICA STUTTGART.


Sperm Antibody Latex Agglutination Test

The Sperm Antibody test is designed for screening (qualitative detection) and titration (quantitative determination) of sperm antibodies in native materials (cervical mucus, uterine fluid and seminal fluid) and in serum. The principle of the test is the agglutination of latex-particles coated with sperm antigen in the presence of specific antibodies. Test procedure requires a variable microliter pipette (10-50 µl) and dilution tubes. Storage temperature is 2-8° C, shelf life about 6-9 months.

Latex-Reagent is sufficient for 50 reactions corresponding to a testing of about 15 patient samples.

Reference Article / Description Specimen Number of test
BRSA50 Sperm Antibody Test native material /serum    50

The Sperm Antibody test is a product of BIOSERV Diagnostics GmbH, D-18059 Rostock


Reference Article / Specimen Sensitivity Number of Tests / Format
HCG050 HCG urine 25 mIU/ml    50   S
FSH020 FSH urine 25 mIU/ml    20   S
HLH020 HLH urine 30 mIU/ml    20   K

All tests are available with a long shelf life. Storage of tests is at room temperature.

The articles HCG050, HLH020 are products of ulti med Products (Deutschland) GmbH, D-22926 Ahrensburg.

The article FSH020 is a product of DIAGNOSTICA STUTTGART.